The Philippines as a Democratic Failure

ImageWHY THE PHILIPPINES WILL FAIL AS A DEMOCRACY! I do not want to be a harbinger of doom but it is basically inevitable that democracy will fail in this country. Due to the following points: 1. Culturally we are not used to it. We are an Asian country that has been used to strong rulers and albeit monarchical and tyrannical rule at that. The country in the past has experienced growth under dictatorships and not under democracies. Look at the current state of affairs since Cory Aquino kicked out Marcos. Did the country improve? NO! But during the so called dictatorial era of pre-Marcos and the Marcos years the Philippines was part of the top 3 countries in the region. A country to be envious of. Now it is a country that is to be ashamed of. 2. Who are running the country? The political structure of the country is based on popularity. Actors, media people are in government now. Local politicians who were popular basketball players and the like in their barrios now have local posts. Likewise a majority of these politicians are under-educated or mal-educated. Seriously how many can you count as having finished a high school degree at the local level? How many have finished college in the national level? 3. The failure for transparency in elections. How come they do not and also why is it vehemently opposed from all quarters the publishing of full bio datas like curriculum vitaes and resumes of those running for offices? Are they ashamed of their past? Or do they even have a past worth taking note of? 4. We are a copycat democracy. Probably we are the only one that tries to mimic the democratic system of the United States. A close study of all other countries show democratic hybrids in their system of governance. We have a poor imitation. We cannot even get federalism worked out correctly even though it could be a better option for the country as a whole. 5. We are an island nation that has an armed forces geared for internal conflict. We have 7000 islands yet we have little or no navy. Motorized bancas and home-made bamboo warships — come on get real! No wonder Koreans, Taiwanese and everyone else fish off our natural waters! However we make pretty good pirates if wanted to be, better even than the Somalis as our history suggests -just watch History Channel. 6. Presidents tend to witch hunt. It is a popular sport for presidents and national past time. Hunt down the guy who stole the most in the previous administration and make a show of it. Use taxpayer money and put it on the news while people get hungry and real issues are skirted. In the end the guy walks away anyway. This has been true for the past 3 presidents – if you don’t believe me do your research. 7. Total ignorance of the average guy on the street. All he or she is used to are telenovelas copied from other countries, he or she believes actors who have come back from the United States because they got tired of being gasoline boys and Tupperware salesmen and they come back as gods. Since a majority of the country is misinformed, theirs is the majority vote. So do you really think that the view of the huddled masses is what is best for the country? Aristotle did not think so, and he was the father of democracy. Share me your thoughts on this and anything you like to add. Let your voice be heard. If you are using a computer right now and reading this then at least you are not one of the misinformed masses!

5 thoughts on “The Philippines as a Democratic Failure

  1. That’s good to know, you’re sharing the effect of corruption. What about the oligarchs? The few family that owns major companies, lands and puppets running our country. They’re the biggest reason our country is in poverty right now and the politicians are just the tip of the iceberg……….

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