The Timeless Appeal of John Smith and Pocahontas

Anyone who has seen the movie New World, and also the Disney animated renditions of the famous couple of John Smith and Pocahontas, no doubt will agree that this is a love story that is set in a historical context. Apart from other on-screen renditions of East meets West and foreigner falls in love with local beauty storylines, the basic idea behind the relationship of John and Pocahontas has a universal tone to it that most people like.

This universal tone is basically that there are no barriers to true love, whether it be cultural, distance or even racial. The setting in which the Pocahontas story is set in is rife with social barriers against such a love match or love affair. A white man falling in love with a colored or even red woman was unheard of and even looked down upon.

Fortunately these days this kind of prejudice does not exist, and if it does then they are more likely the exception rather than the rule. The main value of the relationship between John Smith and Pocahontas was based on mutual love and respect. However, whenever the subject of a local woman having a foreign lover comes into the picture of society today, people most certainly always suspect some sense of exploitation based either on gender or economic issues.

What appeals in this relationship story is that the love they have is pure and gives one a puppy dog swooning feeling especially if one is of the younger generation. The romance of the wild and carefree lass with a swashbuckling but morally upright hero is always appealing. In fact this is almost the staple of all love stories where both characters are of noble and upright character.

What can be learned from the Pocahontas love story is that love will always have some kind of obstacle to test it. Whether the test be based on greed, financial reasons or plain cultural biases, it will almost always happen in any relationship. Whether or not the relationship survives these trials is the true test of the pureness of the love that is supposedly existing between two people.

And as history and the story shows, John and Pocahontas did survive their trials. Thus it is a happy ending for two people that really love each other. We could all be so lucky if it were to happen to us, but for those that are still waiting, the story of John and his Native American beauty is something we can treasure and look forward to happening to us someday.

Dr. Hans Christian Tesch is a freelance writer who has a wide field of experience in many fields and has served many clients and companies on the internet through his articles and press releases. He currently runs and manages a school which he partly owns training and educating K-12 children.

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