Egg Timers – The New Management Breakthrough!


Egg timers are probably the least lethal kitchen appliances there are in the kitchen. Looking like a small toy sometimes, every child has at one time or another been playing with egg timers when alone in the kitchen. However there can be more practical uses for this device than just timing for how hard your boiled egg will be.

These timers are actually great for small management tricks and little tasks. This is especially true in the area of time management and making the most use of idle moments. It can be used to compressed plenty of ideas in a small space of time.

The first are of use for this device can be personal when we are in the office. Sometimes one feels the urge to take a short break from the desk and will go and walk around to get some air and to relax one’s thoughts. Unfortunately that short break can actually take longer than anticipated.

A tip is when you are going for that short break is to take the egg timer along and set it between 2 to 5 minutes and once it clicks or rings then it is time to get back to the desk. This is simple but effective. With proper use one will be making the most use of breaks in no time at all.

Another use for this device is in meetings where time runs short. There can be an agreement that any presentation on an idea be cut down to one to two minutes and the timer can be used for this. This will make the conversations in the meetings more compact and more information filled because of the timer.

A great use for this device is in the area also of personal phone calls. Thus if one wants to cut down on office personal calls, the timer can be set near the phone with clear instructions and in plain view. This can cut down phone chatter significantly in the long run especially where personal calls are involved.

Dr. Hans Christian Tesch is a freelance writer who has a wide field of experience in many fields and has served many clients and companies on the internet through his articles and press releases. He currently runs and manages a school which he partly owns training and educating K-12 children.

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