How to Deal with Your Fear of DEATH


Death is a taboo word that you just do not hear people talk much of. It is always talked about with much secrecy and trepidation, and there is always the proverbial knock on wood mentality once the subject comes up. It is not a party topic, you just do not go around in parties and talk about death and the many ways that it can happen to you and at the most unexpected time.

Different people deal with death in so many different ways. Some people just accept it as a fact of life and others seem to even defy it by doing sometimes stupid acts of recklessness like stunts and other like actions. But the fact remains that it will always be there.

Most of us do not deal with death since it is an unpleasant and scary subject. We only deal with it when we are faced with our own mortality when we are terminally ill or when we are at an age in which we are knocking at the Pearly Gates. Most of us deal with it sometimes only when it is too late.

People in majority are not prepared for death since they do not think about it. But they can prepare themselves mentally and spiritually for it once the time comes. And there are many ways to do this.

Religion is one way of dealing with the inevitable. The promise of our all loving Creator and God who promises us a reward once we finish our tour of duty on earth is a very consoling thought indeed. Thus if you notice in places of worship that those in places of worship tend to be older in this regard as they are coming to that age when they will finally depart our earthly abode.

Another way to deal with death is to do service unto others. Most people try to do something good for other people while they still have time and while they are still alive. These people find a joy of helping others with difficulties that they all too soon even forget about death and enjoy life in a meaningful and value laden way.

Dr. Hans Christian Tesch is a freelance writer who has a wide field of experience in many fields and has served many clients and companies on the internet through his articles and press releases. He currently runs and manages a school which he partly owns training and educating K-12 children.

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