3 Triggered Reasons Why Disappeared Malaysian Plane Does Not Add to Your Comfort

March 8, my daughter’s birthday, is worth remembering.  She goes off to see her friends and I turn on the television to watch CNN.  Breaking news – plane disappears with over 230 people on board over Vietnam. So what?

I have been traveling since I was 12 years old and covered most of the known world on a plane, a total of almost 30 odd years in the air.  So this should not sound disconcerting, or should it?  Well it definitely does not make one comfortable.  For one, since I have been becoming older and aware of my own mortality as age creeps on, I have slowly become more wary of air travel over the past few years due to some observations I have made in my lifetime.  Here they are and feel free to comment or laugh or troll, but let me get my point across:

  1. Pilots seem to be getting younger.  Yes this should be good news since at least you know that the guy flying your plane will not doze off and be physically weak from all the stress.  Fine and good. But give me an old and graying pilot any day and I will have a better flight. This is because if I know the pilot is at least near my age, he will be more careful in flying and more aware of how to avoid turbulence.  No, I will not have a young pilot, they are still too maverick.
  2. Planes are not designed for today’s weather.  Most of today’s planes, some over five years old are designed for weather that was prevalent 5 YEARS AGO! Meaning that how can one expect the bucket you are flying in to cope with atmospheric changes cause by global warming and such.  Those of you who do not believe in climate change even when hit with news of it everyday should get yourselves examined.  We learnt in school that turbulence ceases to exist at the 33,000 or so feet above sea level. Let me tell you, I have been flying up to 36,000 feet and still I feel those god awful turbulence episodes like you see on airplane horror flicks. In short, I will not ride an old plane.
  3. I will not ride a plane piloted by an Asian.  Sorry folks I am not being racist about this but there is good reason for it based on findings by the Civil Aeronautical Boards wherein they found that Asian and South American pilots are the least likely to disobey a direct command from an air traffic controller even if it means danger to their passengers.  That is, they will not fight back against authority as compared to pilots of Western origin.  (Please research this on the internet before you troll and flame me.

Regardless of these triggered responses, I do hope and pray that they find those poor souls soon. For if history teaches us anything, no man is an island, and the grief of one is the grief of all.  And how should they look for the lost plane? Well that is another entry from me soon….

Fly safe everyone!

Dr. Hans Christian Tesch is a freelance writer who has a wide field of experience in many fields and has served many clients and companies on the internet through his articles and press releases. He currently runs and manages a school which he partly owns training and educating K-12 children.

For your article needs, you may contact him through his email: hctesch@gmail.com


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