The 6 Best Northern Lights Travel Destinations

Should you be wanting to see the northern lights between November to March of any given year, here are the 6 Best Northern Lights Travel Destinations.

Alaska Northern Lights

1. Alaska. One of the best, if not the best destination to view the Aurora Borealis is in this American state. Popular ways to view the phenomenon can be regular outdoor camping, or even renting a Siberian yurt from some local entrepreneurs.   Although this state has been the butt of many a cold season joke, getting that Northern Exposure with the lights wil more than make up for it.


2. Canada. Specifically the best place to see the northern lights will be in the Yukon and Northwest territories.  The best place many say is to get some accommodation in the town of Whitehorse.   However some contend that areas near the Blachford Lake and Marsh Lakes are better for viewing.  Since Canada also is a great place to view the lights, no wonder the Americans always claim it as their “province up north next to Alaska.”

Greenland Lights

3. Greenland. Well this big chunk of ice in the middle of the North Atlantic also gives good view of the lights.  Not only from one place, but from everywhere!  However, it is still considered a bit of a frontier for most average travelers, but the interior of the island cannot be beat for its panoramic view of the phenomenon. Best viewing locations are in the town of Kulusuk and Ammassalik.  Best time to view is from late August to late April.


4.  Norway.  Apart from fjords, burial mounds and medieval raiding ships, there is more to see from the Land of the Vikings.   It is generally agreed that the areas of Lapland give the best viewing between October and March.  This area is home to Norwegian aborigines called Sami.  So apart from getting a good view, you can also get a good cultural experience in Easter through the many cultural events and activities celebrated, particularly in the town of Karasjok. Snowmobile activities and tours can be had while enjoying the lights also.


5. Finland. Combined with a skiing holiday in the northern areas of Rovaniemi or Kusoma, this location cannot be beat.  Imagine strapping on your snowboard or skis (or riding your snowmobile) and having great sounds in your ears, while having a great disco show of lights on top of you. What a trip! – No pun intended.


6. Sweden. The land of YabYum and Swedish Erotica is also the land of the “blue hole”. The “blue hole” does not refer to anything erotic, but is a patch of sky over a 70 km lake that always stays clear no matter what kind of weather you may have.  This can be found in the Abisko National Park.  The Lights can also best be seen from the Tornedalen region.   Most tourists however have reported that the lights have been seen farther south of the country perhaps due to the changing climates. This is a plus if you do not want to go all the way up north and freeze just to see the lights!

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