“My WordPress Blog Is Dying!” – What to Do When Your Hits Decrease


I am pretty sure that anyone of us good looking, very smart, very accomplished bloggers (no I am not fishing for compliments – just stating facts) have reached a point wherein we experience incredible readership stats in the beginning and then start seeing the numbers plummet on our dashboard.

Sad experience yes. And it is enough to make any blogger just up and quit. I almost did.

In fact the first two days upon publishing my WordPress blog I had tons of hits and then it hit rock bottom a couple of hours later, even though I garnered quite a few followers. Why so?

Well I am of the theory that people get bored easily.  When I first entered the WordPress community everybody was interested in me, its like the New Kid on The Block syndrome wherein hey who’s the new kid, lets check him out kind of deal. So they read and read my articles, clicked here and there. Then the readership stats plummeted. Does this mean I am no longer interesting? Well not necessarily.

One major reason is that not very many people really read.  So imagine a pool of 100 goldfish, it will still be a 100 goldfish tomorrow and the next day, especially if it is a small fixed community. Unless of course they multiply later on, but it is no guarantee that the newcomers will read your blog.

Another reason is perhaps I am not hitting the niche markets to increase my hits.  This will have to be fixed by me doing much more research. A bit hard but not impossible.

And of course there is the possibility of not writing enough.  As in the WordPress disclaimer they say that it takes a few weeks or months for your article tags and such to be registered in the major search engines. But then of course you would say that “My articles would not be fresh anymore by the day they do get registered on Google and Yahoo.”

So I will take a gander here and give an “unenlightened” view and perhaps tip on this.  KEEP WRITING!

The fresher your views and the more frequent your writing then in time your numbers will go back up.  How long one may ask? For me I feel – as long as it takes.  We are writers after all and the daily grind of pouring out articles and views like this one should be a joy in itself, sans rewards and congratulations etc.

As of writing I am now learning SEO, (which I hope would help) and proper tagging techniques.  Nonetheless I will  just write and write and write. Also some great tips can be had here!

Thanks WordPress  for this opportunity and I hope this article inspires someone or ignites an idea somewhere.

Your comments and thoughts are welcome.


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