Despite Floyd Mayweather Kidnapping & Attempted Murder Allegations – He is still one rich muth@%&^()r!


Love him or hate him, no one can deny the respectful an awe inspiring Floyd Mayweather net worth. He is currently in the spotlight for an alleged kidnapping attempt and some form of attempted murder scenario where he and some buddies are involved. But what else can you expect from this bad boy of boxing? Everybody has a dark side to themselves that spring up sooner or later.

Estimated at around 90 million United States dollars, he is the 4th highest earning athlete in the world.  The first is Tiger Woods.  Earning his first 8 million dollars after beating Carolos Baldomir in November 4, 2006, he has made on average around 20 to 25 million dollars per championship fight after that, with his last fight against Sugar Shane Mosley in 2010 netting him around 30 million dollars.

Despite his riches, like any other athlete with so much money he does also have his share of financial woes and troubles. However, with all that cash, he can afford to make mistakes once in a while.  Leading his financial adversaries is the much dread taxman in the form of the IRS and myriad other bad purchase decisions.

Being one of the rare boxers to have championship belts across five different weight divisions, he can earn even more if he fights his closest and fiercest rival Manny Pacquiao, who holds 7 different weight division belts.

If either camp ever gets to see an agreement on when and where to fight, Floyd can be $25 million up front has the potential to earn upwards an additional $20-25 million based on the pay per view numbers.  That is not so bad at all for one bout for Floyd or even for Pacquiao.  In fact some critics are even saying that due to the high numbers that the fight will generate it becomes a business decision and no longer a professional fighting decision. Anyone want to get beaten up for a large amount of cash?






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