Philippine Government Still Has Its Mandate? Time to Execute Politicians


I think that in the past few weeks of living here in the Philippines, (believe me I have lived here for too long) that the Filipinos have to do a lot of soul searching in terms of what they have allowed and continue to allow their government to do to them

My tirade and diatribe for today begins with an article that says that the Bureau of Immigration now requires tourists leaving the country to provide proof of financial capability which is basically how much money one has on him or her at the moment, if there is a benefactor that can give financial support while abroad and if there is proof of work etc.

This all just serves to make the Filipino and Filipina dumber and idiotic and mindless law abiding drones no matter what it does to their own personal dignity and basic rights.

Let us a look at a possible scenario.

You have a legal intent to visit a country you have been dying to see, you save up for it ( which is the normal thing to do and probably expected thing to do or borrow money for it) then you are stopped at the gate by an Immigration official who demands to see proof. Fine and good, but what will probably get my goat is that this same official is way down below the socio-economic ladder compared to yourself, probably just a fourth grade graduate and lives in the slum areas.  What right does he or she have in demanding that you provide proof? Because of a badge given by a government that daily proves itself not capable of running a country efficiently?

And of course this kind of ruling opens the system up to so many kinds of under the table transactions and makes the ground ripe for corruption.  Bribes in cash and kind will probably flourish. Remember that customs officials in the past got a lot of goodies from people coming in from abroad? Now Bureau of Immigration officials want that same kind of action for themselves except from people going out.

In relation to this look at the LTO requirement now making you change license plates because it is vogue and in keeping with trends with other countries. Excuse me sir and mam or whoever decided this – Fuck the other countries – lets do things we have been doing at no additional cost to an already impoverished populace. Someone somewhere in the government echelon is making money out of this policy or department order rulings.

If you look at it closely enough, our Executive Branch is letting these departments of line agencies run rampant with their little rulings, which does not make the system of bureaucracy any more palatable to the ordinary Juan and Juana, but little requirements for each and everyone of us that we must pay for and make someone else rich.

The government itself is feeding the Hydra. (If familiar with Greek mythology it is a monster that if you cut off the head, it is replaced by two or more heads). We cut off the head with Napoles in it, but now we replace it with the LTO ruling on license plates and the BI ruling on tourist capabilities.

I do hope that someone from the Bureau of Immigration reads this so they can prepare my coming through the gates when I go on one my very few vacations that I pay for out of my own pocket.  For I am telling you, I will troll you so fucking bad you will need to call the police to snatch me away before I break your necks.

So my fellow Filipinos, time to have another revolution, but this time lets make it bloody. No more of the pussy march on Edsa crap.  Lets execute the ones responsible for these hardships once and for all.  Maybe it is time that we put a new political front where the others like the NPAs, Moros, and others have failed. Lets make one that is more in tune to what we as individual Filipinos  need and NOT what the country needs!


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