Magical Reasons Why Pac Lost

Mommy D Pacquiao using her Juju

Mommy D Pacquiao using her Juju

What we cannot explain sometimes we just have to attribute to the paranormal or unexplainable. Here are some plausible and albeit sometimes well accepted sentiments.

Manny Converted From Catholicism to the Cult of Quiboloy

Manny’s well documented rise to the top started when he affirmed a visit by the Blessed Virgin Mary in his dreams to urge him on and gave advice to him.

Interestingly enough he started to lose consistently right after he converted to the Cult of Quiboloy. For those of you who do not know this joker, Quiboloy makes a lt of money convincing people he is the Appointed Son of God. Unfortunately Manny seems to have been duped much to the chagrin of Mommy D his mom, who is a devout Catholic.

He brought his kids to watch him fight

This is probably a big no no in any violent sport. You cannot let kids watch you brutally punish someone and vice versa. If you are an avid Pacquiao fan you will also see that at all the fights his kids attended he lost that fight.

Mommy D did not use her juju

Mommy D was all quiet and not to be seen in the Mayweather fight. Her use of her infamous Juju to help Manny defeat Bradley would have been useful in this case.

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