Winning Out Of Pacquiao’s Loss

Despite Manny's loss, a lot more was won

Despite Manny’s loss, a lot more was won

Many believe that Pacquiao, or rather feel, that Manny’s loss is too unbearable to bear, or he has somewhat been cheated out of a belt. However, there are many wins that happened due to the touted Fight or Bout of the Century. Here are some of them….

Solidified a Nation

The Philippines, if not the whole world stopped for this event. For half a day people prepped and readied themselves in camaraderie. It was also a good excuse for family get togethers and gatherings of friends. It was more than a sporting event, it became a much needed social one for Filipinos who reel from day to day fiascos in the political scene.

Showed True Light of Boxing

The jury is still out on who really should have won, and many arguments will still be had, but it seems that the decision was lopsided from the beginning based on racial issues. The sport seems to be racially biased and it has now come down to an observation that it is also a sport you can win by just avoiding a fight. If this is what boxing has become then Manny no longer belongs in it.

Lessened Taxable Income From The Bitch Henares

The Bitch Henares will no longer be able to tax the People’s Champion as much as she wants to.

Made Facebook Interesting

Well you have to admit most of you reading this came by Facebook and most of us get our news via FB. And for one day the rants and raves made us all closer.

Please share this post on your FB if you found it mildly enjoyable many thanks and ty for reading!!


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