Why I love Writing With A Fountain Pen

People around nowadays, especially those of the younger generation who have rarely seen fountain pens in action , would ask why I even write with one. Some find them messy, too much of a bother, and too much to care for. Here are a few reasons why I love writing with my fountain pen.


Right now I am writing this article with a fountain pen. There is something magical about a fountain pen once you own a decent one that runs short of screaming, “Write with Me Now!” . In fact I have to hide my pens so that I do not write , something that I am addicted to. There is just something magical about the nib gliding across some glossy paper with your chosen color ink. An added plus is if you have great handwriting, so it is almost like painting with words literally as you fill up an empty page.


I write when I need money. But then I can write with a ballpen or a pencil if needed. Another reason I write with a fountain pen that has many characteristics of a quill is because it is a kind of personal tribute to all other writers. It makes me feel a sort of bond with others that do write, whether or not for a living, but also it keeps me in touch with a community that I believe are educated, intellectual and refined.


Well in relation to keeping tradition alive and all that jazz it makes me feel good. It makes me feel educated. It makes me feel refined. It make me feel human. Maybe it is a reason why Visconti named one of their premier fountain pens Homo Sapiens. I hear it writes very well, but I need to save up for it! In any case, writing is something that people, educated people do, and something that the uneducated and others of the animal kingdom do not.


Not all can write with a fountain pen properly, neatly and error free. I believe it is a skill set that either one has or born with or learns from someone else. Many a time in my office I have offered my best fountain pen for someone to write with and it was like watching an ape trying to write almost 99% . No insult is intended that is just what it looked like. Imagine my sense of pride and wonder once I find a person who can write well with one, e.g. that person is almost as good as me. I wonder if I can use this method in scoping out my next potential dinner date?


In a world right now where one tries to maintain and project his or her individuality across many social situations and even social platforms, I believe that the fountain pen is a proverbial sword in a sheath that one can unwield anytime to gain “ooohs” and” aaaahs” in places like a restaurant or coffee shop. Many a time have I gotten more than curious stares when I take out my bright red gold nibs to write a thought or too in my little journal. It is an attention getter for who writes with such a pen nowadays, or in short who even writes at all? My daughter who is not really a writer and more of a musician loves the extra attention given to her on campus when she wields the Waterman I gave her. It gives her what she calls social brownie points or “fashion-zeist”.


10 thoughts on “Why I love Writing With A Fountain Pen

  1. I think writing with a fountain pen would make you feel “important” somehow. I think it would make your writing look old school, in a good way. I have terrible handwriting, so I don’t know how mine would come out if I wrote with a fountain pen, lol.

  2. I so enjoyed this read and posted it to my Facebook page as well. Would love to be your pen pal 🙂 seriously !!!

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