Acoustic Love Songs to Make Love To

Nothing beats a good tune, especially if it is one of the 10 best acoustic love songs.  With these tunes playing at the right time and the right moment with that special someone, you can make sparks fly, hearts melt and panties fall.  Anyway here are the top ten for all you mushy hearted and those on a mission to get that special someone to give you some attention.  As you may notice these songs are all done by bands or groups that can be best considered one hit wonders.

  1. “More than Words” This popular hit from the band Extreme featured in their “Hole Hearted” album is tops to make the ladies swoon.  The song basically gives dignity to a man for copping out when forced to say the words “I Love You”.  The song is such a powerful aphrodisiac in terms of its aural qualities and meaning that the men who played it in its heyday are still playing it in college campuses today and still getting nookie.  Now how is that for longevity?
  2. “You’re Beautiful” Who could have thought that a former lovesick tank commander on Her royalty Majesty’s army could come up with a ballad like this that also has successfully invaded American shores.  In fact the song made such a hit that the composer and singer James Blunt was even featured on Oprah for an interview on how he came up with the song.
  3. “New American Classic” This is a song that can be qualified as an emo song for those who just broke up with someone. Performed by Taking Back Sunday in two voices, one high and one low, this song is seen as a great song to ease or appease your broken heart and help you back on your feet again.
  4. “Better Together” This song by Jack Johnson is a very relaxing song that can best be described as one suited for a time around a campfire.  The piano accompaniment now and again also helps add to a soothing song.
  5. “Jasey Rae” A croony tune from another boy band called All Time Low. Although the subject of hurting someone in a relationship is not a very popular one well it is still a subject that exists.  It could qualify as a song to sing to someone who is more lovesick than you are.
  6. “Your Guardian Angel Lyrics” This song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is reminiscent of the song that was played in the City of Angels soundtrack.  Maybe that is why it has the same title?
  7. “Your Call” by Secondhand Serenade is a great song to actually play in front of your girlfriend, that is if tyou got the talent.  Its lyrics are enough to give somebody to give you a second chance if you really messed up.  It is a good make up song.
  8. “It’s Not Over” Another song by Secondhand Serenade is a good breakup song.  So if the song Your Call was not enough to save your relationship, then you can play this to make yourself feel better.
  9. “Kiss Me” A whimsical and jumpy jumpy girlie song by Six Pence None the Richer is also a great feel good song in the acoustic version.  Use this to express your overwhelming feeling of emotion you feel for that special someone.
  10. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It” A great song if you want to relax and feel sorry for yourself over a mug of beer.  This acoustic remake by Everything But the Girl should pull your heart strings long enough to make some tears fall.

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