Dating The Single Girl: Tips to Follow So You Don’t Crash and Burn!


Many men would want to have some sort of help when dating a single girl in the form of 10 tips for dating single girls. For most men, having tips on hand for dating single girls would be a boon if not heaven sent.  Dating that special someone should be a breeze with these tips so you don’t crash and burn and become a laughing stock or a creep (or both). Follow these tips to ensure you will always be remembered by that single girl you plan to take out.

  1. Be on time. This first tip for dating single girl is listed first because it is the most crucial. It is never proper to let a girl wait for a date; it will make her look man-crazed. Have respect for the time and do not be late for more than ten minutes tops. If anyone should wait, it should be you. Besides, it is always nice to make a girl feel important. This will give you brownie points later.
  2. Be a gentleman. In terms of making a single girl feel special, this is a top tip. Being a gentleman does not mean you have to be corny about it. Do take your time in opening the door for your date and pulling up the chair for her at the dinner table. Being a gentleman also entails that you walk side by side with her and not let her walk ahead or behind you.
  3. Be courteous. Be super nice. Even if the waiter has been a butthead the whole night, try to smile and be a sport about it. You can always get him later after the date.
  4. Ladies first. This basically means letting her have her way on your date even if she does not feel like it. This is a great tip for a guy who does not want to feel bad for choosing the wrong thing, like a meal or a movie. Let her choose what she wants to eat or do and just play along. Of course, you will still pay for it, so let her choose wisely!
  5. Be circumspect. Do not talk about stuff that’s too sensitive. That means talking about her ex-boyfriends or crushes. She might think you are gay.
  6. Be polite. This means cut out the f-words and the “gangsta” talk. Profanity goes a long way on a date. The more profane you are, the longer it will take you to score.
  7. Be humorous. Every girl enjoys a laugh, but you have to be careful on this one. She may laugh at your why did the chicken cross the road joke, but secretly she may think you are dumb for saying it. Choose your routine properly and keep it PG-13 if possible.
  8. Listen. The number one tip for getting into a girl’s heart and her pants. If you ever wondered why girls talk a lot it is because they need someone to listen them. You can always pretend to be interested in between glances at her boobs, just do not get caught.
  9. Do not brag. The number one no-no and the surest way a girl will keep her panties on. Remember, the date is about her and not about you.
  10. Do not rush. Although it may be nice to score on the first date, it is still viewed as Slutsville panic for most women. Take your time, enjoy the company you will get there sooner than you think once you follow these tips!

2 thoughts on “Dating The Single Girl: Tips to Follow So You Don’t Crash and Burn!

  1. This is a great post, and so true. It can be a big red flag if a guy doesn’t follow these. Every girl looking for something decent wants a guy who is on time, considerate, nice, open, not pushy, well-spoken, funny, attentive, humble, and respectful.

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