Most Savvy 7 Rum Shots For Pirates And Wenches

If you are feeling piratey and want to give that wench of yours a good buzz, here are 7 rum shots for pirates and wenches you might just appreciate. Yarr! Here be some favorite grog recipes to stiffen your timbers and loosen her knickers!

aztec gold.jpg

Aztec Gold Gold is a pirate’s favorite color, especially if it is in plentiful Aztec gold. Throw in two parts gold tequila, one part crème de banane, one part amarettoalmond liqueur, one part Galliano herbal liqueur and one part coconut rum in a good, old fashioned shaker. Shake it till you drop and pour into a chilled glass. Drink up and feel golden! If you are feeling like a sissy, you can put a lime wheel on the rim of your glass.

Caribbean-rum-punch (1).jpg

Caribbean Rum Punch This recipe is for the wenches but can also be used by ye pirates to tempt them wenches. This classic rum punch is straightforward to make. Keep in mind the rhyme “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak.” This drink is flexible in that you can use any type of fruit juice. Use one part lime juice, two parts syrup or cane syrup, three cups rum and four cups orange juice. Top it off with four dashes bitters and you are ready to plunder!


Blackbeard Named after the notorious pirate himself, this concoction makes notorious use of one of the most popular drinks aroundL Coke. Mix one can of coke, one ounce of spiced rum and one ounce of root beer schnapps (regular root beer will do if you do not have any). Because of the strong carbonated drink mixes, you will probably burp a lot in between your “Yarrs!”

pissing parrot

Pissing Parrot A pirate won’t be complete without a parrot and a pirate with a parrot won’t be complete without his own drink. Mix half a can of Sprite, one ounce of coconut rum, one ounce of cranberry liqueur. Add crushed ice and complete the drink with mint leaf garnishing. Wenches may want to drink this in a pilsner glass.


Buccaneer “One beer buccaneer, no beer queer.” Make sure you mix one part beer with your one shot of Limon rum to avoid jokes from your merry crew on your whether you prefer cabin boys over wenches.


Cannonball The pirate answer to the Cuba Libre (rum and coke). Use two parts of any strong dark cola with one part orange rum. Serve with crushed ice and fire away!


Shipwreck Smash your vessel while being properly stoked! Mix together three parts melon liqueur, three parts pineapple juice and three parts coconut rum or Myers’s rum. Serve with crushed ice all the way to Davy Jones’ locker!


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