Before You Buy That French Bulldog


You are probably wondering right now if you should be getting a pet or not. In fact most of the people you know do have pets and seem to be very happy with their pets.  Right now you may be deciding on a dog as a possible pet and companion as soon as you saw the French bullies for sale sign earlier.  Before you do take the commitment and plunge, do read on in this article for some good facts and information on this dog breed.

The French bully,or rather the French Bulldog, is a descendant of dogs during the Greek era.   Most of these dogs and similar bulldog mastiff breeds were spread out throughout the European continent by Phoenician trades, with their main use as bull baiting, a sort of blood sport for animals.  As the sport was outlawed plenty of bulldogs, French or otherwise, were now adopted as non sporting pets and companions.

This breed is like the English bulldog, except that it is much smaller, although it is still fairly compact and wide with short legs. Its ears, most of the time are more erect also. Unlike its British cousin, this breed is a lot tamer in terms of temperament and should exhibit no aggressive behaviors either to little children and other animals.

These dogs make excellent companions, but also be prepared to give it a lot of attention, as this is a thing that it craves a lot.  You will know when you are neglecting it when it makes a yodeling sound, or what others will term as the French death yodel. The females of the breed are very protective, not only of their young but those around them.

This dog, just like its English cousin, also does quite well living in small spaces.  It is ideal for someone living in a small apartment or room.  They are quite content being inactive most of the time but they still do need space to stretch their legs once in a while.  A regular daily walk for about thirty minutes should not hurt anyone.  This could possibly be one of the ultimate indoor dogs.

Since this dog has a compact airway due to its size, and also it has somewhat of a snub nose, it will have difficulty in regulating its temperature.  Many deaths have occurred due to extreme heat or cold conditions, the latter occurring due to its fairly thin coat of fur. This is not the dog for you if you live in areas with extreme temperature conditions.  This dog lives best in a temperate environment or climate.

When the French bully ages, it will have a tendency to have eye related conditions and problems. In addition this dog also does not have a very long lifespan average at the least about eight to ten years.  Life spans o course can be longer depending on how much care you are willing to give to them.


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