Hans Christian Tesch is a prolific writer who deals with a variety of topics.  He writes mainly for internet magazines and columnists as a ghost writer and sometimes as an original writer himself.  He is a Platinum Rated Author for Ezines and many other sites. Having recently received his doctoral degree in education, Dr. Hans Christian Tesch, Ed.D. has written on many topics of interest and is currently a professional freelance writer on the side apart from his stints as lecturer and professional resource person in the areas of psychology, political science, philosophy, economics and education. His many diverse interests include guns, motorcycles, pets, swimming, stamp and coin collecting and reading the occasional Marquez.

His greatest achievement to date has been to found his own Educational Theory the T-POT, or known also as the Tesch Philosophical Orientations on Teaching as an offshoot and adjunct toDr.  Lorraine Zinn’s Adult Education Theories, as accepted by his Dissertation Research Panel chaired by The Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines.

He does freelance writing work for a diverse set of clients and if interested you may contact him through his personal website. Past and current clients have included travel agencies, schools, internet retailers, religious groups, medical organizations, other writers and many more.

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