6 Girls From Star Trek Who Set Their Phazers To Hot


One of the advantages of being a trekkie is the chance to see the hottiesin each of the episode, whether mainstay or a cameo. All of the different series have had their share of attractive ladies, if for no other reason than the fact that the producers know the fans will go ga-ga for the girls. From alien races to wise advisors, there are numbers of girls from Star Trek who set their phazers to hot, and these are six of the best!

Deanna Troi


One of the hottest women on the television series to fill a body hugging suit, this lady brought the allure of the Greek woman into space.  She plays the part of a mind reading Counselor and also diplomat for each and every race with her mind reading abilities.  With a chick like this,war or peace would definitely be worth the risk. So hot in fact that Number One (Will Riker) made her his Number One by marrying her.

Jadzia Dax


She is the Chief Science Officer with the funky spots and freckles all over her body. This is because of her symbiosis with an advanced species called Trill, which goes by the name of Dax. Even with all her smarts, she seems to not want genius guys with her, rebuffing doctors and scientists alike with their advances and charms. She later does the nasty with the Klingon, Worf, thus giving us earth-bound uglies something to fantasize about.

Seven of Nine


Machines can also be hot, as exhibited by Seven of Nine. This borgsymbiant also fills up her cat suit quite well but has a problem with expressing human emotion. She believes in her collective logic as connected to the borg, that all humans are scum and weak. Well that will include men as well. But who cares, she is hot to look at!

Dr. Beverly Crusher


Not exactly one of the younger women on board a Federation Cruiser or Starship, she is still hot.  In fact this will lend credence that in the future, MILFs still rule! In fact, so hot that Captain Picard still has the hots for her even though they been divorced for quite some time. She is the ship’s doctor, so the men do not mind getting sick once in a while.



An empath whose life mission is to imprint on her mate’s psyche and match herself to whatever that person wants in a mate. Since she is not human she probably does not know that the one thing that Human males want is sex and more sex. But then again, that is why she is not Human. While her name might conjure images of a different type of Kamala (search the name and see!), that doesn’t change the fact that this chick is sexy!



Everyone has always fantasized about making a mechanized human like sex robot, and Andrea is one of the best there is. A “mechanized geisha” invented by Dr. Roger Korby, a scientist who mysteriously disappeared and was later on found by Captain Kirk. Is it not obvious why the good doctor made himself disappear? Duh?!


Before You Buy That French Bulldog


You are probably wondering right now if you should be getting a pet or not. In fact most of the people you know do have pets and seem to be very happy with their pets.  Right now you may be deciding on a dog as a possible pet and companion as soon as you saw the French bullies for sale sign earlier.  Before you do take the commitment and plunge, do read on in this article for some good facts and information on this dog breed.

The French bully,or rather the French Bulldog, is a descendant of dogs during the Greek era.   Most of these dogs and similar bulldog mastiff breeds were spread out throughout the European continent by Phoenician trades, with their main use as bull baiting, a sort of blood sport for animals.  As the sport was outlawed plenty of bulldogs, French or otherwise, were now adopted as non sporting pets and companions.

This breed is like the English bulldog, except that it is much smaller, although it is still fairly compact and wide with short legs. Its ears, most of the time are more erect also. Unlike its British cousin, this breed is a lot tamer in terms of temperament and should exhibit no aggressive behaviors either to little children and other animals.

These dogs make excellent companions, but also be prepared to give it a lot of attention, as this is a thing that it craves a lot.  You will know when you are neglecting it when it makes a yodeling sound, or what others will term as the French death yodel. The females of the breed are very protective, not only of their young but those around them.

This dog, just like its English cousin, also does quite well living in small spaces.  It is ideal for someone living in a small apartment or room.  They are quite content being inactive most of the time but they still do need space to stretch their legs once in a while.  A regular daily walk for about thirty minutes should not hurt anyone.  This could possibly be one of the ultimate indoor dogs.

Since this dog has a compact airway due to its size, and also it has somewhat of a snub nose, it will have difficulty in regulating its temperature.  Many deaths have occurred due to extreme heat or cold conditions, the latter occurring due to its fairly thin coat of fur. This is not the dog for you if you live in areas with extreme temperature conditions.  This dog lives best in a temperate environment or climate.

When the French bully ages, it will have a tendency to have eye related conditions and problems. In addition this dog also does not have a very long lifespan average at the least about eight to ten years.  Life spans o course can be longer depending on how much care you are willing to give to them.

Dating The Single Girl: Tips to Follow So You Don’t Crash and Burn!


Many men would want to have some sort of help when dating a single girl in the form of 10 tips for dating single girls. For most men, having tips on hand for dating single girls would be a boon if not heaven sent.  Dating that special someone should be a breeze with these tips so you don’t crash and burn and become a laughing stock or a creep (or both). Follow these tips to ensure you will always be remembered by that single girl you plan to take out.

  1. Be on time. This first tip for dating single girl is listed first because it is the most crucial. It is never proper to let a girl wait for a date; it will make her look man-crazed. Have respect for the time and do not be late for more than ten minutes tops. If anyone should wait, it should be you. Besides, it is always nice to make a girl feel important. This will give you brownie points later.
  2. Be a gentleman. In terms of making a single girl feel special, this is a top tip. Being a gentleman does not mean you have to be corny about it. Do take your time in opening the door for your date and pulling up the chair for her at the dinner table. Being a gentleman also entails that you walk side by side with her and not let her walk ahead or behind you.
  3. Be courteous. Be super nice. Even if the waiter has been a butthead the whole night, try to smile and be a sport about it. You can always get him later after the date.
  4. Ladies first. This basically means letting her have her way on your date even if she does not feel like it. This is a great tip for a guy who does not want to feel bad for choosing the wrong thing, like a meal or a movie. Let her choose what she wants to eat or do and just play along. Of course, you will still pay for it, so let her choose wisely!
  5. Be circumspect. Do not talk about stuff that’s too sensitive. That means talking about her ex-boyfriends or crushes. She might think you are gay.
  6. Be polite. This means cut out the f-words and the “gangsta” talk. Profanity goes a long way on a date. The more profane you are, the longer it will take you to score.
  7. Be humorous. Every girl enjoys a laugh, but you have to be careful on this one. She may laugh at your why did the chicken cross the road joke, but secretly she may think you are dumb for saying it. Choose your routine properly and keep it PG-13 if possible.
  8. Listen. The number one tip for getting into a girl’s heart and her pants. If you ever wondered why girls talk a lot it is because they need someone to listen them. You can always pretend to be interested in between glances at her boobs, just do not get caught.
  9. Do not brag. The number one no-no and the surest way a girl will keep her panties on. Remember, the date is about her and not about you.
  10. Do not rush. Although it may be nice to score on the first date, it is still viewed as Slutsville panic for most women. Take your time, enjoy the company you will get there sooner than you think once you follow these tips!

Acoustic Love Songs to Make Love To

Nothing beats a good tune, especially if it is one of the 10 best acoustic love songs.  With these tunes playing at the right time and the right moment with that special someone, you can make sparks fly, hearts melt and panties fall.  Anyway here are the top ten for all you mushy hearted and those on a mission to get that special someone to give you some attention.  As you may notice these songs are all done by bands or groups that can be best considered one hit wonders.

  1. “More than Words” This popular hit from the band Extreme featured in their “Hole Hearted” album is tops to make the ladies swoon.  The song basically gives dignity to a man for copping out when forced to say the words “I Love You”.  The song is such a powerful aphrodisiac in terms of its aural qualities and meaning that the men who played it in its heyday are still playing it in college campuses today and still getting nookie.  Now how is that for longevity?
  2. “You’re Beautiful” Who could have thought that a former lovesick tank commander on Her royalty Majesty’s army could come up with a ballad like this that also has successfully invaded American shores.  In fact the song made such a hit that the composer and singer James Blunt was even featured on Oprah for an interview on how he came up with the song.
  3. “New American Classic” This is a song that can be qualified as an emo song for those who just broke up with someone. Performed by Taking Back Sunday in two voices, one high and one low, this song is seen as a great song to ease or appease your broken heart and help you back on your feet again.
  4. “Better Together” This song by Jack Johnson is a very relaxing song that can best be described as one suited for a time around a campfire.  The piano accompaniment now and again also helps add to a soothing song.
  5. “Jasey Rae” A croony tune from another boy band called All Time Low. Although the subject of hurting someone in a relationship is not a very popular one well it is still a subject that exists.  It could qualify as a song to sing to someone who is more lovesick than you are.
  6. “Your Guardian Angel Lyrics” This song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is reminiscent of the song that was played in the City of Angels soundtrack.  Maybe that is why it has the same title?
  7. “Your Call” by Secondhand Serenade is a great song to actually play in front of your girlfriend, that is if tyou got the talent.  Its lyrics are enough to give somebody to give you a second chance if you really messed up.  It is a good make up song.
  8. “It’s Not Over” Another song by Secondhand Serenade is a good breakup song.  So if the song Your Call was not enough to save your relationship, then you can play this to make yourself feel better.
  9. “Kiss Me” A whimsical and jumpy jumpy girlie song by Six Pence None the Richer is also a great feel good song in the acoustic version.  Use this to express your overwhelming feeling of emotion you feel for that special someone.
  10. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It” A great song if you want to relax and feel sorry for yourself over a mug of beer.  This acoustic remake by Everything But the Girl should pull your heart strings long enough to make some tears fall.

Lessons We Can Learn From Movie Playboys

If you are a playboy, or planning on becoming one, then you should know these five lessons from movie playboys that every man should follow. This article covers lessons that you may find useful to to get you ahead of the game. Use these tips to make yourself into a more successful player, or at least one that will stay out of trouble!


Quit while you are ahead. As evidenced in the movie “Fatal Attraction”, if you have a hot wife like Anne Archer ready and willing any time of the day, then you should not go for a scary fling with someone like Glenn Close. Every man in America and every potential playboy, either in real life or on screen, should learn from this.

perfect feet.jpg

Do not let fetishes control you. As seen with playboy Eddie Murphy in the movie “Boomerang”, his obsession with the perfect feet destroyed most of his relationships. Learn that nobody has perfect body parts, and if you are just too concerned about the size of her feet, boobs, hips, or anything for that matter, then you should put yourself in check.

shallow hal.jpg

Be sensitive. Shallow Hal (a.k.a Jack Black) used this lesson in understanding women. Of course, he was kind of forced into it by way of black magic. But in the absence of a voodoo master to help us, we can use this lesson to give us an edge over other boys. Look at the inner beauty of all women.


Be careful. Nobody shows the value of this lesson better than the king of all playboys, Don Juan di Marco, or Casanova, as played by both Johnny Depp and the late Heath Ledger respectively.  You have to be careful when playing the ladies man, or you can get your upper (and lower) head cut off.

old dogs.jpg

You are never too old. Just because you are an old dog like John Travolta or Robin Williams does not mean that you can try to play the field when you want to, nor should you stop trying. All men have this power; Picasso had affairs in his 70s!

Most Savvy 7 Rum Shots For Pirates And Wenches

If you are feeling piratey and want to give that wench of yours a good buzz, here are 7 rum shots for pirates and wenches you might just appreciate. Yarr! Here be some favorite grog recipes to stiffen your timbers and loosen her knickers!

aztec gold.jpg

Aztec Gold Gold is a pirate’s favorite color, especially if it is in plentiful Aztec gold. Throw in two parts gold tequila, one part crème de banane, one part amarettoalmond liqueur, one part Galliano herbal liqueur and one part coconut rum in a good, old fashioned shaker. Shake it till you drop and pour into a chilled glass. Drink up and feel golden! If you are feeling like a sissy, you can put a lime wheel on the rim of your glass.

Caribbean-rum-punch (1).jpg

Caribbean Rum Punch This recipe is for the wenches but can also be used by ye pirates to tempt them wenches. This classic rum punch is straightforward to make. Keep in mind the rhyme “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak.” This drink is flexible in that you can use any type of fruit juice. Use one part lime juice, two parts syrup or cane syrup, three cups rum and four cups orange juice. Top it off with four dashes bitters and you are ready to plunder!


Blackbeard Named after the notorious pirate himself, this concoction makes notorious use of one of the most popular drinks aroundL Coke. Mix one can of coke, one ounce of spiced rum and one ounce of root beer schnapps (regular root beer will do if you do not have any). Because of the strong carbonated drink mixes, you will probably burp a lot in between your “Yarrs!”

pissing parrot

Pissing Parrot A pirate won’t be complete without a parrot and a pirate with a parrot won’t be complete without his own drink. Mix half a can of Sprite, one ounce of coconut rum, one ounce of cranberry liqueur. Add crushed ice and complete the drink with mint leaf garnishing. Wenches may want to drink this in a pilsner glass.


Buccaneer “One beer buccaneer, no beer queer.” Make sure you mix one part beer with your one shot of Limon rum to avoid jokes from your merry crew on your whether you prefer cabin boys over wenches.


Cannonball The pirate answer to the Cuba Libre (rum and coke). Use two parts of any strong dark cola with one part orange rum. Serve with crushed ice and fire away!


Shipwreck Smash your vessel while being properly stoked! Mix together three parts melon liqueur, three parts pineapple juice and three parts coconut rum or Myers’s rum. Serve with crushed ice all the way to Davy Jones’ locker!

Excellence in Choice: The Right Pen For You

Should You Start A Collection?

Should You Start A Collection?

We all want that perfect pen. The pen that will not only set us apart, but also will provide for our daily needs of writing, scribbling or drawing.  But where to start? The plethora of offerings, the time and distance involved with some of our “dream pens” (not only distance in terms of kilometers but distance in terms of budget as well!) all play together to always push our minds to the edge of frenzy in what to choose and what t buy next.  Most of us who have not chosen usually have big collections, with most pens on the arsenal ranking to okay and not bad and some near sucky.

But rarely do people with really big collections will say they have a pen that does it all, the ultimate writing instrument that not only caters to your aesthetics but your functional needs as well,  regardless of the time of day, regardless of occasion, and regardless of your mood.

This pitfall is very soon realized by the beginner pen enthusiast, they are apt to choose or buy something based on looks.  God forbid that the person who gets the “Fountain Pen bug” be moneyed and all, for they will practically buy everything up in sight, regardless of cost, just to say that “I have it – are you jealous?” , you know what I mean.

But apart from this vanity function and elitist element (by the way I have been called an elitist douche by a reader from India due to my statements in a previous article titled “Why I Write with a Fountain Pen”), in fact why would you buy something so that you will be lower than the next guy? Don’t you buy something so that you will be a bit above everyone else?  The question however remains on how to really choose the right pen for the right reasons. Here are a few thoughts on the matter:


Definitely a big factor in the decision making process.  To make it easier, put your ability to purchase a good pen into a range, like USD 10 to 30, USD 20 to 50, etc and see where you belong.  If you belong to say the USD50 to USD70 range, do not lose sleep over pens that cost USD 900 or more you will just get a headache.


Take this into account very seriously.  Most people want to write with an FP because it looks cool, and it does look cool.  But if you are going to make that jump into buying and using a decent FP (which will start at the USD 45 range) then do make an effort to keep to it.  Many people tend to write for a few days with fairly expensive pens and then they lose heart or get bored.  An FP is for a writer, or someone who loves to write, so make sure you are in this category.  If not, I and others like me will be waiting for your very cheap listings for your pen in Craig’s List or Facebook, or eBay.

Ancillary Costs

There are ancillary costs to consider, you may need to buy journals or special papers for your pen and also specialty inks depending on your taste.  A very good cost to consider, especially if you have been bitten by the FP bug really hard, is the cost in time.  You will be spending a lot of time looking and playing with your new found toy and also will be busy looking over reviews, listings and promos and sales and what not. Those people that have been bitten hard by the “FP bug” before please do comment after reading this article.


Having an FP is almost like having a relationship with a pet that you have.  It will entail you caring for it and looking for it like a piece of artful and loved equipment, much as you would do with anything else you love like your cellphone or even your car.  You may think I am crazy but its true.  Look after your FP and in time it will look after you, for FPs have a way of being discontinued in production on average in between 5 to 10 years from first year of production.  So the pen you are writing with can in fact appreciate in time depending on how well you look after it.  In short, it will and can be worth a lot of money in the future.