Breaking Away From Suboxone: Harder Than It Looks

Opium or opiate based narcotics are substances that are hard to break away from.  As such,  one cannot just go cold turkey if one decides to quit intakes of opiates, it is just not possible and can be downright dangerous.  Thus longtime opiate users need to go down the moderate path and slowly substitute their dependence with a synthetic one called Suboxone, or its generic name Buprenorphine. The drug is designed to alleviate dependence upon heroin, hydrocodone, OxyContin, morphine, codeine and fentanyl, and other methadone type drugs.

Suboxone can be applied either orally, trans dermally (via the skin using a “film”), through injections and sometimes nasally. It is a long lasting drug and its effects can still be felt several hours after .  It is a drug that should never be administered to children, as accidents involving the drug at home have reported fatal results due to the onset of respiratory suppression.

Two milligrams a day will block a person’s major ability to feel emotions and larger doses will make one practically numb. Dosage prescriptions can be up to eight milligrams and snorting or injecting it can make one “extremely high” by some accounts, especially if one has never used opiates.

In low dosages, it is a mild painkiller. Some physicians do prescribe it for pain management in the short term, with some suffering from Degenerative Disc Disease or DDD or Stenosis pain being prescribed the drug for relief. Many have said that apart from the overall feeling of being high in the first stage, and an “out of it” phase, they say that the relief for pain accorded is better than other traditional painkillers like Vicodin.

Long term use of Suboxone can in general be identified as overall abnormal responses to stress, hair loss, inability to accept and manage one’s own emotions and loss of interest in sex.  Abuse of the drug however can exhibit a wide range of physical symptoms from vomiting, nausea, digestive disorders, sweating, drowsiness, insomnia and more.

As a semi synthetic opiate, it can be abused by long time opiate users who abuse the use of Suboxone as a way to prevent withdrawal symptoms from heroin or other opiates. Some just use it as an alternative to get high.  The rate of abuse for this drug however has increased and buprenorphine related seizures have been highest in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New York and West Virginia.

Deaths have also been reported when Suboxone was mixed with alcohol during drug sessions. Dangerous combinations have also been reported when taken with Xanax, or alprazolam, despite this risk, many users still do it due to a created euphoria akin to class A grade heroin. In all a total of 844 drugs are known to interact with this drug so one must be extra vigilant when prescribed this.  Of these 844 interactions, 261 can be deemed as major and can lead to sever consequences.

When one does decide to quit this drug, expect withdrawal symptoms to last until 10 to 14 days.  For most people they describe the 3rd and 4th days as the worse and getting the full brunt of almost all symptoms.  Symptoms include nausea, stomach pain, appetite loss, dark urine, clay colored stools, yellowing of skin and eyes or jaundice, irregular and pounding heartbeats, and inability to control body temperature, runny nose and eyes.  For most the 5th and 6th day are much better but what seems to hang around from the beginning is the feeling of anxiety and depression.  Most have answered this problem or situation by becoming more physically active, like taking a walk around the block or light but brisk exercise.  Also increased intake of non-processed foods seems to do the trick of overall well-being, and one is suggested to eat more healthy foods.

Suboxone usage statistics vary over time, but this is a drug that is one of the top 30 retail drugs in the United States reaching over 1 billion dollars a year in sales. Since 2012.  In effect, its sales exceed that of Viagra and Adderall.  Other buprenorphines do exist in the market such as Subutex, Zubsolv and Bunavail. Other versions such as Temgesic, Buprenex, Norspan and Butrans are solutions created specifically for chronic pain management.

Abuse of the drug is usually treated via medical detox and must be done at an inpatient facility for the first few weeks or months due to difficulties in detoxifying from Suboxone.  The difficulty lies in the probability of  Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) occurring, which can sometimes last up to six months or even as long as two years.  PAWS is the second stage after the initial 2 weeks of the detox program and is a roller coaster of symptoms that last for a few days, disappear, and come back again. These episodes can be too much physically and psychologically for most and so the easiest thing for them to do is just to relapse in using the drug again.


How to Save A Dying Whale – (JK I mean blog)!

I am pretty sure that anyone of us good looking, very smart, very accomplished bloggers (no I am not fishing for compliments – just stating facts) have reached a point wherein we experience incredible readership stats in the beginning and then start seeing the numbers plummet on our dashboard.

Sad experience yes. And it is enough to make any blogger just up and quit. I almost did.

In fact the first two days upon publishing my WordPress blog I had tons of hits and then it hit rock bottom a couple of hours later, even though I garnered quite a few followers. Why so?

Well I am of the theory that people get bored easily.  When I first entered the WordPress community everybody was interested in me, its like the New Kid on The Block syndrome wherein hey who’s the new kid, lets check him out kind of deal. So they read and read my articles, clicked here and there. Then the readership stats plummeted. Does this mean I am no longer interesting? Well not necessarily.

One major reason is that not very many people really read.  So imagine a pool of 100 goldfish, it will still be a 100 goldfish tomorrow and the next day, especially if it is a small fixed community. Unless of course they multiply later on, but it is no guarantee that the newcomers will read your blog.

Another reason is perhaps I am not hitting the niche markets to increase my hits.  This will have to be fixed by me doing much more research. A bit hard but not impossible.

And of course there is the possibility of not writing enough.  As in the WordPress disclaimer they say that it takes a few weeks or months for your article tags and such to be registered in the major search engines. But then of course you would say that “My articles would not be fresh anymore by the day they do get registered on Google and Yahoo.”

So I will take a gander here and give an “unenlightened” view and perhaps tip on this.


The fresher your views and the more frequent your writing then in time your numbers will go back up.  How long one may ask? For me I feel – as long as it takes.  We are writers after all and the daily grind of pouring out articles and views like this one should be a joy in itself, sans rewards and congratulations etc.

As of writing I am now learning SEO, (which I hope would help) and proper tagging techniques.  Nonetheless I will  just write and write and write. Also some great tips can be had here!

Thanks WordPress  for this opportunity and I hope this article inspires someone or ignites an idea somewhere.

Your comments and thoughts are welcome.

3 Reasons Why the Fountain Pen Will Never Die

In the digital age, and an age where everything is fast and disposable, the fountain pen seems to be holding on to its own and surviving against all odds. Whether it be for business, education or even love, here are the strongest reasons why.

A Declaration of Intent

Despite its anachronistic element, most people see power in the fountain pen. In the realm of business, many CEOs do carry a fountain pen for not only does it denote intent, power and decisiveness, it connects to a standard of etiquette an politeness.   It tends to send out a signal that you are serious with what you are doing. Let’s try a little trick, close your eyes and envision two business leaders, one with a fairly standard ballpoint and another with a good mid ranged or high priced Montblanc or Caran D’Ache. Which of the two has more impact or seriousness in the presentation? See what I mean?

An Aspiration for Excellence

Not everyone can write with a fountain pen, precisely why ballpoints and pencils became all the rage in schools. It does take quite some skill and a little bit of refinement to use one with finesse and neatness. Not only does it become an object to aspire to but it also becomes a store of standards. Some schools, which some say as being too posh, still do dictate that fountain pens be used in writing exercises and the like. There is just something different in work done by fountain pen, and only those who have been exposed to these writing instruments can attest to its unique and intrinsic quality.

A Store of Personality

It stores your personality period. And that has never been true of any other gadget out there in the world right now. When everything else is written by email or printed out on commercial printers, why not try writing something using a fountain pen? It does not take much imagination that the once arduous or taken for granted task of writing will take on a more artistic and personal appeal. Once again close your eyes, and imagine getting a well written love letter or personal letter as against one sent via email or printed out. Which one shows more sincerity and love? Which one will give you more “oomph” per line? Enough said.

Why I love Writing With A Fountain Pen

People around nowadays, especially those of the younger generation who have rarely seen fountain pens in action , would ask why I even write with one. Some find them messy, too much of a bother, and too much to care for. Here are a few reasons why I love writing with my fountain pen.


Right now I am writing this article with a fountain pen. There is something magical about a fountain pen once you own a decent one that runs short of screaming, “Write with Me Now!” . In fact I have to hide my pens so that I do not write , something that I am addicted to. There is just something magical about the nib gliding across some glossy paper with your chosen color ink. An added plus is if you have great handwriting, so it is almost like painting with words literally as you fill up an empty page.


I write when I need money. But then I can write with a ballpen or a pencil if needed. Another reason I write with a fountain pen that has many characteristics of a quill is because it is a kind of personal tribute to all other writers. It makes me feel a sort of bond with others that do write, whether or not for a living, but also it keeps me in touch with a community that I believe are educated, intellectual and refined.


Well in relation to keeping tradition alive and all that jazz it makes me feel good. It makes me feel educated. It makes me feel refined. It make me feel human. Maybe it is a reason why Visconti named one of their premier fountain pens Homo Sapiens. I hear it writes very well, but I need to save up for it! In any case, writing is something that people, educated people do, and something that the uneducated and others of the animal kingdom do not.


Not all can write with a fountain pen properly, neatly and error free. I believe it is a skill set that either one has or born with or learns from someone else. Many a time in my office I have offered my best fountain pen for someone to write with and it was like watching an ape trying to write almost 99% . No insult is intended that is just what it looked like. Imagine my sense of pride and wonder once I find a person who can write well with one, e.g. that person is almost as good as me. I wonder if I can use this method in scoping out my next potential dinner date?


In a world right now where one tries to maintain and project his or her individuality across many social situations and even social platforms, I believe that the fountain pen is a proverbial sword in a sheath that one can unwield anytime to gain “ooohs” and” aaaahs” in places like a restaurant or coffee shop. Many a time have I gotten more than curious stares when I take out my bright red gold nibs to write a thought or too in my little journal. It is an attention getter for who writes with such a pen nowadays, or in short who even writes at all? My daughter who is not really a writer and more of a musician loves the extra attention given to her on campus when she wields the Waterman I gave her. It gives her what she calls social brownie points or “fashion-zeist”.

Magical Reasons Why Pac Lost

Mommy D Pacquiao using her Juju

Mommy D Pacquiao using her Juju

What we cannot explain sometimes we just have to attribute to the paranormal or unexplainable. Here are some plausible and albeit sometimes well accepted sentiments.

Manny Converted From Catholicism to the Cult of Quiboloy

Manny’s well documented rise to the top started when he affirmed a visit by the Blessed Virgin Mary in his dreams to urge him on and gave advice to him.

Interestingly enough he started to lose consistently right after he converted to the Cult of Quiboloy. For those of you who do not know this joker, Quiboloy makes a lt of money convincing people he is the Appointed Son of God. Unfortunately Manny seems to have been duped much to the chagrin of Mommy D his mom, who is a devout Catholic.

He brought his kids to watch him fight

This is probably a big no no in any violent sport. You cannot let kids watch you brutally punish someone and vice versa. If you are an avid Pacquiao fan you will also see that at all the fights his kids attended he lost that fight.

Mommy D did not use her juju

Mommy D was all quiet and not to be seen in the Mayweather fight. Her use of her infamous Juju to help Manny defeat Bradley would have been useful in this case.

Please share and pass the fun forward. Have a great week ahead!


Winning Out Of Pacquiao’s Loss

Despite Manny's loss, a lot more was won

Despite Manny’s loss, a lot more was won

Many believe that Pacquiao, or rather feel, that Manny’s loss is too unbearable to bear, or he has somewhat been cheated out of a belt. However, there are many wins that happened due to the touted Fight or Bout of the Century. Here are some of them….

Solidified a Nation

The Philippines, if not the whole world stopped for this event. For half a day people prepped and readied themselves in camaraderie. It was also a good excuse for family get togethers and gatherings of friends. It was more than a sporting event, it became a much needed social one for Filipinos who reel from day to day fiascos in the political scene.

Showed True Light of Boxing

The jury is still out on who really should have won, and many arguments will still be had, but it seems that the decision was lopsided from the beginning based on racial issues. The sport seems to be racially biased and it has now come down to an observation that it is also a sport you can win by just avoiding a fight. If this is what boxing has become then Manny no longer belongs in it.

Lessened Taxable Income From The Bitch Henares

The Bitch Henares will no longer be able to tax the People’s Champion as much as she wants to.

Made Facebook Interesting

Well you have to admit most of you reading this came by Facebook and most of us get our news via FB. And for one day the rants and raves made us all closer.

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Philippine Government Still Has Its Mandate? Time to Execute Politicians


I think that in the past few weeks of living here in the Philippines, (believe me I have lived here for too long) that the Filipinos have to do a lot of soul searching in terms of what they have allowed and continue to allow their government to do to them

My tirade and diatribe for today begins with an article that says that the Bureau of Immigration now requires tourists leaving the country to provide proof of financial capability which is basically how much money one has on him or her at the moment, if there is a benefactor that can give financial support while abroad and if there is proof of work etc.

This all just serves to make the Filipino and Filipina dumber and idiotic and mindless law abiding drones no matter what it does to their own personal dignity and basic rights.

Let us a look at a possible scenario.

You have a legal intent to visit a country you have been dying to see, you save up for it ( which is the normal thing to do and probably expected thing to do or borrow money for it) then you are stopped at the gate by an Immigration official who demands to see proof. Fine and good, but what will probably get my goat is that this same official is way down below the socio-economic ladder compared to yourself, probably just a fourth grade graduate and lives in the slum areas.  What right does he or she have in demanding that you provide proof? Because of a badge given by a government that daily proves itself not capable of running a country efficiently?

And of course this kind of ruling opens the system up to so many kinds of under the table transactions and makes the ground ripe for corruption.  Bribes in cash and kind will probably flourish. Remember that customs officials in the past got a lot of goodies from people coming in from abroad? Now Bureau of Immigration officials want that same kind of action for themselves except from people going out.

In relation to this look at the LTO requirement now making you change license plates because it is vogue and in keeping with trends with other countries. Excuse me sir and mam or whoever decided this – Fuck the other countries – lets do things we have been doing at no additional cost to an already impoverished populace. Someone somewhere in the government echelon is making money out of this policy or department order rulings.

If you look at it closely enough, our Executive Branch is letting these departments of line agencies run rampant with their little rulings, which does not make the system of bureaucracy any more palatable to the ordinary Juan and Juana, but little requirements for each and everyone of us that we must pay for and make someone else rich.

The government itself is feeding the Hydra. (If familiar with Greek mythology it is a monster that if you cut off the head, it is replaced by two or more heads). We cut off the head with Napoles in it, but now we replace it with the LTO ruling on license plates and the BI ruling on tourist capabilities.

I do hope that someone from the Bureau of Immigration reads this so they can prepare my coming through the gates when I go on one my very few vacations that I pay for out of my own pocket.  For I am telling you, I will troll you so fucking bad you will need to call the police to snatch me away before I break your necks.

So my fellow Filipinos, time to have another revolution, but this time lets make it bloody. No more of the pussy march on Edsa crap.  Lets execute the ones responsible for these hardships once and for all.  Maybe it is time that we put a new political front where the others like the NPAs, Moros, and others have failed. Lets make one that is more in tune to what we as individual Filipinos  need and NOT what the country needs!